The Incarnation of the Son

Grace does not ask “what does someone deserve,” but “what does he need?”

So it is that the Father of our Lord did not ask what we deserved, or what we had merited, but what we needed. What we needed was God’s own Son because none other but his Son could save us. So God in his grace gave him to such hell deserving sinners of Adam’s race as we are.

Nor did God’s Son ask what we deserved, but only what we needed. Neither did he ask “how shall my reception be” or “how shall they treat me?” He knew he was coming into a world that would not receive him and would maltreat him; a world that would cast him out and even crucify him. He even knew that the very ones for whom he was dying would be helpers to those who maltreated him. He knew that given the chance to do so, we would be among the ringleaders of the mockers in his day of calamity. Nevertheless he became man in order to merit salvation for us.

Is that not grace? Is that not what we needed? A savior who would become man for us in spite of ourselves; a savior who would will our salvation even when we willed his death.


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