Here’s a Really Good Review

By the editor in chief of the Christian Observer. He reviews the theatrical release of The Widow’s Might.


A Whole Heart

“This is God’s evaluation of Hezekiah’s life: he sought the Lord and served him with all his heart (2 Chron 31:21).

“When Hezekiah came to the throne, he found the nation in shambles. But his first priority was not the government or the economy, but the spiritual health of the people. He challenged the priests and the Levites to sanctify themselves and get their hearts right with God, pointing out two current examples of their spiritual apathy: the lamps had not been lit and the incense was not being burned. The lamps speak to us symbolically of the word of God, while the incense evokes the prayers of the people of God rising before the throne of grace.

“Hezekiah experienced his leadership by calling the priests and the people back to personal worship and spiritual discipline. And when the priests responded to Hezekiah’s challenge and the people began to worship God again, the Bible tells us thee was great joy in Jerusalem, unlike anything since the days of Solomon.

“Is your spirit aflame with zeal for God? If not, why not ask him to rekindle that fire through the study of the word and the exercise of prayer?” — Leroy Eims

God promised Joshua that if he meditated in his law day and night that he would prosper and have success. Hezekiah found that when he sought the Lord with all his heart that he prospered. If we are not prospering in our families, our relationships, and our holy religion, what are the chances that it is because we are not meditating in his word and seeking him whole-heartedly?