Here’s a Really Good Review

By the editor in chief of the Christian Observer. He reviews the theatrical release of The Widow’s Might.


Invigorating Victory

“The West, however, cannot regain its victory momentum without will, and this will can come only from clearly recognizing that decline must lead, within generations, to relative impoverishment and circumscribed strategic options. And yet Western society — fiddling while Rome burns — does not even see the threat to its way of doing business in the thousands of riots which struck France, Germany, and Belgium in October and November 2005. There are many other warning signs, yet the West fails to heed them.

“What is the catalyst by which Western societies will awaken and galvanize into action? Will it be a nuclear attack by Iran, for example, against Israel? In all likelihood, Western Europe would rationalize this as having nothing to do with the lives of Parisians or Londoners or Berliners. The United States itself would be relatively powerless to respond. Will it be a nuclear attack by North Korea on Japan, or on a U.S. city? That, perhaps, would provoke a determined response by the United States. But would that also lead to a U.S.-China confrontation? And would Western Europe, again, scurry to avoid involvement, while expressing its regrets?

“Clearly a few terrorist attacks have proven insufficient to awaken the West.

“But there are signs that some segments of Western society are growing concerned and coalescing in their debates about the need for a reawakening of society to face the growing challenges to the great victory which the West has built over the past thousand years. Their first challenge, however, is not to deal with those external threats, but to deal with the ‘other half’ of their own societies, who insist upon appeasement, and the consumption of the wealth built over many generations, as though that wealth were inexhuastible and not in need of replenishment.” — Gregory R. Copley

Although militant Islam has willpower, it has almost nothing else. It does not have a heritage, a positive philosophy, or a program for the future. It has the will to destroy, however, and the price of destroying is inititally far less than the price of building or even of maintaining what has been built in previous generations. Western Christianity, on the other hand, has almost everything except willpower. We are so eager to see the other guy’s point of view that we forget that God has a point of view.

With the resources and advantages that belong to Christian countries, if we had a stout-hearted will we could bring the gospel to the entire world in a single generation. The apostles took the gospel to the world they knew about. The choice is no longer between Christianity and status quo. The choice is now between a Christian future and the destruction of western civilization.